The Allegory of the Pork Ribs

There once was a village in a far away land, the leader of which had a strong hunger for slow roasted pork ribs (which were at the time the fashion in the capital)

He called upon the resources of his village and commanded his chefs to make him the biggest tastiest, most meaty and succulent slow roasted pork ribs that the land had ever seen.

Try as they might, they failed and failed again. Earning the wrath and scorn of the village leader.

Then one day a trusted advisor brought word of a travelling expert. The PorkRibMaster. For a hefty price the PorkRibMaster would come to your village and not only make you the biggest tastiest, most meaty and succulent slow roasted pork ribs that the land had ever seen; but also teach you the secret!

They sent word to the PorkRibMaster and arranged for him to visit their village and teach them the secret of The Slow Roasted Pork Ribs.

On the appointed day, he arrived at the village to great fanfare. The villagers greeted him enthusiastically and brought him the best of all the produce they had to offer; then sat quietly, waiting with baited breath for the magic of The Pork Ribs to begin.

Taking a deep breath, the PorkRibMaster opened the barrels he had been brought.

One contained jugs of the finest full cream milk.

Another contained a chest of the sweetest sugar.

And the third barrel was full to the brim with lush ripe strawberries.

And finally, he was shown to a deep stone pit which was cooled by an underground stream that brought ice water directly from the mountain behind the village.

“I cannot make you slow roasted pork ribs from this!” the PorkRibMaster intoned,
“These are the ingredients for Strawberry Ice Cream!”

“We know!” said the villagers,
“That’s why we needed to hire an expert!”

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