CSPO with Design Thinking

If you’re ready to start building the right things, then the LASTing Benefits Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) is the course for you. It’s not just about becoming a Product Owner, it’s about becoming A Great Product Owner.

Perhaps more than any other role, the Product Owner has the potential to create the kinds of benefits that your customers and stakeholders will really notice. Whilst velocity is nice, it’s not as meaningful as results.

LASTing Benefits (Australia, UK) has been on this journey with the Scrum Alliance from the very beginning, and as such, is one of the most experienced providers of Scrum Product Owner training and coaching services in the world.

Who Should Attend?

The course is open to all. There are no prerequisites or pre-reading required. All you need is an open mind, a desire to succeed, and maybe a pen.

In our experience people with the following background, get the most benefit from attending1:

  1. Prospective Product Owners wanting to prepare for their upcoming role
  2. Practicing Product Owners wanting to hone their craft
  3. Traditional Product Managers wanting to know what all this Product Ownership business is about
  4. ScrumMasters wanting to broaden their knowledge of Scrum
  5. Managers of all kinds wanting to improve how they select, work with and manage Product Owners
  6. Stakeholders of all kinds wanting to better understand Scrum from a business perspective and how to get their needs met
  7. Customers wanting to better understand how Scrum works and what is expected of them
  8. UX, UI, & BA – a trio of roles long neglected by Agile. Whether you’re wanting to learn how to work with, or become a Product Owner, this course will give you the practical and definitive answers you’ve been looking for.
  9. Traditional Project Managers wanting to better integrate with existing Scrum Teams or wanting to pivot into Product Ownership.
  10. Anybody curious about Design Thinking in general or more specifically how it works with Scrum.

You will learn

A Product Owners Perspective on Scrum

Learn how to see Scrum not as a series of baffling rituals and obscure artefacts, but rather from the Product Owner’s perspective; as a tool that helps you stick to schedules, manage risks and generate business value quickly and effectively.

  1. Working productively with other members of your Team
  2. Working effectively with your ScrumMaster
  3. Keeping stakeholders, users and customers happy
  4. Implementing Product Ownership well in any context
  5. Scaling the Product Owner Role efficiently and effectively

How Organisational and Industry Context Affects Product Ownership

You will learn:

  1. How your context shapes your implementation of the Scrum Framework
  2. Tools to help you best implement Product Ownership in your context whilst still retaining as many core benefits as possible
  3. How your implementation affects the kinds of benefits you should expect to get from Scrum. What you should expect will get better, and what might stay the same.

The Fundamentals of Design Thinking

Design thinking is more than just beards and buzzwords, it’s a proven way of approaching product development and problem solving that produces great results and fits together beautifully with Scrum.


  1. What Design Thinking actually is
  2. The Benefits of taking a Design Thinking Approach
  3. How Design Thinking differs from typical enterprise approaches
  4. Important ways in which Traditional Design and Design Thinking differ
  5. How Design Thinking implementations can go wrong (pitfalls to avoid!)
  6. How to use Scrum and Design Thinking together
  7. The Role of the Product Owner in Design Thinking

Product Ownership Practices

Release Planning

The afternoon of Day Two is given over to our LASTing Benefits’ World Famous 2 and exclusive Release Planning Exercise.

“Release Planning” is the glue that bridges the gap between Agile and the Enterprise. It’s the process that provides the answer to the question some believe is unanswerable with Scrum:

“What am I going to get and when am I going to get it?”

Working as a team, students will be given the opportunity to apply everything they’ve learned so far and maybe even gain a few new insights to boot!

Our Release Planning Exercise is hands on and concrete. It makes the abstract real and joins up the dots.

We’ll start with a vision and end with not just a backlog, but a plan that we’ll have confidence in executing on.

Students have come away from this exercise calling it “engaging and transformative”. It’s so effective in fact that some organisations have licensed it from us for ongoing in-house use.

About the Instructor

Our Founder and Managing Principal, Simon Bennett, may well be the ideal instructor for your next Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) course.

Here are just some of the reasons.

  1. Over a decade’s experience in teaching the CSPO
  2. Real World Product Ownership and Product Management Experience
  3. A wide range of experience in different industries
  4. Extensive International Experience
  5. Scaled Scrum Pioneer
  6. Global Recognition / Agile Stalwart
  7. Thought Leader in Agile Contracting and Out Sourcing
  8. Thought leader in Mindful Management and Emotional Intelligence in Agile Leadership

Click here to learn more about Simon

Course Includes

  • Full Colour Workbook containing the courseware as well as additional reference materials
  • Two weeks of post course support via email
  • Discounts for colleagues or future training
  • Hearty Lunch Both Days
  • Fully Catered Morning and Afternoon breaks both days

Click here for a more detailed course description on our website

  1. And if you don’t see yourself listed here but still feel like you’d like to come along, feel free to give us a call and talk about whether or not the LASTing Benefits CSPO is right for you!
  2. No really! It is! Honest!

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