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Kaizen Camp: Sydney is on!

Kaizen Camp: Sydney was held on Friday 20th June 2014 and will be back again in 2015

Just in Time, Just for You

Kaizen Camp™ is an unconference with a difference. Apart from its unique format, it’s an event focussed on combining diversity of experience centred around a single desire – to continuously improve.

But diversity doesn’t always come naturally. For a Kaizen Camp™ to be worthwhile we’ve found that we need a minimum of 50 people to give us the mix of experience and opinions required to stimulate truly productive conversations which generate actionable outcomes.

As such, this year we’re going to “pull” a Kaizen Camp™ into existence into Sydney based solely on your demand.

When & where?

The Date will be Friday 20th June – the day after Jim Benson’s Visual Project Management workshop in Sydney.

The Venue will be TBA! Once we know how many people are coming we’ll book an appropriately sized venue.


The rules are simple. If we get 50 people willing to come to Kaizen Camp Sydney by the 30th May – it’s on, if not, then Jim gets Friday off to go to Taronga Zoo.

The first 50 Kaizen Camp tickets are special:

Only $100 for a fully refundable ticket.

Once the first 50 tickets have been sold – the single ticket price will immediately rise to $200 per person.

In the event that 50 tickets are not sold by the 30th May, those people and only those people who have bought the refundable $100 early bird tickets will have their money refunded.


You should come to Kaizen Camp™ Sydney if:

You want to Continue the Conversation

Had a great time at Agile Australia and you can’t bear for the learning to stop just yet? Or maybe you’re excited about what you’ve just learned and can’t wait to share it with others?

You’re adjacent to Agile…

These days Agile is everywhere – even if you’re not in the thick of an Agile project yourself it’s likely that your colleagues, co-workers and customers are. Increasingly people are discovering that what’s being expected of them and being delivered to them is changing at an ever increasing rate.

If you’re not in an Agile Project but are affected by one in your organisation then there is no better place than Kaizen Camp™ to talk about your issues with others like you.

Kaizen Camp™ is a great place to introduce clients and customers to the world of Lean and Agile – where they can have discussions with experienced practitioners about how “all this stuff” affects their job and their organisation.

You’re keen on Lean

So whilst Agile embodies a great many Lean Principles – Kaizen Camp puts the focus more sharply on using Lean in all areas of work and life.

If you want a more Lean focused event – then Kaizen Camp™ is for you.

Your hosts: Kaizen Camp™ Sydney will be facilitated and hosted by Jim Benson and Simon Bennett.

Buy your ticket to reserve your place now

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The Whats, Whos, and Whys of Kaizen Camp – Read more here

With past events in North America, Europe, Asia & Melbourne, Jim Benson, creator of Personal Kanban, and partnering with Simon Bennett will bring Kaizen Camp to Australia once again.

Jim Benson’s first book, Personal Kanban: Mapping Work |  Navigating Life was recently honored with the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence, the highest honor in Lean and Kaizen.

Kaizen Camp™ is brought to you by Modus Cooperandi & LASTing Benefits

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