Three exciting new offerings – Cynefin, Agile & Lean Mashup, CALM (read about CALM Beta), Personal Kanban and Agile Business Analyst. We continue to offer in-house and publicly scheduled Certified Scrum courses.

We provide Certified Scrum training for ScrumMasters (CSM) and Product Owners (CSPO). Other training courses include:

  • Resilient Scaling & Better Project Definition with Cynefin 
  • Agile Business Analyst (BA) Requirements Gathering
  • Agile introduction
  • Lean introduction
  • Scrum & Agile team kick-start training
  • Telling User Stories
  • Risk Management
  • Kanban for Teams
  • Kanban introduction
  • Personal Kanban, course created with Jim Benson, creator of PK
  • Psychology of Personal Kanban introduction

Upcoming Certified Scrum courses:

Projects fail because time and time again we skimp on quality, miss deadlines and fail deliver sofware that actually does what the customer needs it to do. We get distracted from what’s important and we waste time in unproductive meetings that go on forever and result in nothing. Furthermore – processes, policies and procedures are put into place (usually to cut costs) often without any regard to their effect on the wider business.

If this is happening to you, and you’d like at least some of it to stop, then Scrum may be for you. 

Please contact us for private in-house courses

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