Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)

Learn the Why of Scrum and How to implement it!

Course Outline

Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) Training covers the entire of the Scrum Framework, and although especially useful for those individuals who will become ScrumMasters it is also suitable for anybody wishing to gain any understanding of the entire Scrum framework and is recommended for everybody who will work on, or alongside projects using Scrum.

At the end of this two day course, led by a Certified Scrum Trainer each participant should at a minimum know:

  • What Agile is and how it differs from Waterfall
  • What the Scrum Framework is and how it promotes Agility
  • Which kinds of work the Scrum Framework is most suited to
  • What it means to work in a Cross Functional Team, and how that differs from working in specialisation silos
  • What a “Self Organising Team” is, how to work inside one and how to manage one
  • The Responsibilities & Authority of each of the roles inside the Scrum Framework
  • What kinds of characteristics the individuals occupying each of the Scrum roles should ideally have
  • A working knowledge of all the Scrum Artefacts
    • The Definition of Done
    • The Product Backlog and Product Backlog Items
    • The Sprint Backlog and Sprint Backlog Tasks
  • A working knowledge of Agile estimation principles
  • A working knowledge of how progress is tracked on a Scrum Project
    • The Sprint Burndown Chart
    • The Release Burndown Chart
  • The standard Scrum Meetings & Cycles
    • Sprint Planning
    • Product Backlog Grooming
    • The Daily Scrum
    • Sprint Review
    • Sprint Retrospective
  • How empirical process control differs from predictive process control


Taught by our highly experienced Certified Scrum Trainer and practitioner, Simon Bennett, also the course is ScrumMastered by a co-trainer

Included in every training class:

  • Certification (upon meeting the criteria)
  • 2 years membership with the Scrum Alliance
  • 2 full days training with a Certified Scrum Trainer & highly experienced practitioner
  • Letter of course completion for a professional body (PMI/ACS) for PDUs upon request
  • Workbook
  • Electronic course materials

Scrum Alliance Certification

Please find more information about the Certification process for the Certified ScrumMaster designation here. Upon completing this workshop students will be put forward for certification with the Scrum Alliance where they take an online assessment in their own time. Students will also receive 2 years membership to the Scrum Alliance with course completion.

The Scrum Alliance is a global professional association committed to Advocacy, Community, and Education for Scrum practitioners. Members include more than 150,000 Scrum practitioners, trainers, and coaches around the world.

About the Trainer

This course is taught by Simon Bennett a Certified Scrum Trainer with over 20 years real-world experience in software and hardware development, the last 12 of which have been focussed on using Agile frameworks and methods including Scrum, XP, Crystal & Kanban.

From 2008 through 2010 Simon was also the Product Owner for the Scrum for Team System TFS process template.

Simon has considerable experience in organisational agile adoption, large scale Scrum and using Scrum in an offshore environment, as well as successfully blending Scrum with other methods including UCD.

His wealth of experience brings a unique depth and flavour to the course, as students will learn from real world case studies rather than only theory and simulations.

With regard to delivery, Simon is also a seasoned trainer with over two decades of experience, and a regular speaker at major international conferences.

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