Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)

CSPO Course Outline 

Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) Training is specifically intended for those individuals who will become, work with, or appoint Product Owners.  The CSPO course covers Scrum from the point of view of the Product Owner Role, and then goes into further detail on this role as well as spending time on “skills training” such as Roles Workshops, Project Chartering and User Stories.  Whilst there is some overlap in material between the CSM and the CSPO, many students, especially those going into the ScrumMaster role have found it valuable to attend both classes as the perspective the material is approached from differs.

At the end of this two day course, led by our Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), Simon Bennett, each participant should at a minimum know:

  • What Agile is and how it differs from Waterfall
  • How empirical process control differs from predictive process control and what this means for chartering projects and measuring project success.
  • What the Scrum Framework is and how it promotes Agility
  • The Responsibilities & Authority of each of the roles inside the Scrum Framework with a focus on the responsibilities of the Product Owner role
  • How the Product Owner role differs from that of a Project Manager, Product Manager and Business Analyst
  • What to expect from your ScrumMaster
  • What to expect from your Team
  • What your ScrumMaster and Team will be expecting from you
  • Managing Stakeholder relations & communications
  • A working knowledge of Agile estimation principles
  • Product Owner Relevant Artefacts
    • The Definition of Done
    • The Lag to Live
    • The Velocity Chart
    • A detailed understanding of the Product Backlog and Product Backlog Items
    • A detailed understanding of the enhanced Release Burn down Chart
  • Scrum Meetings relevant to the Product Owner
    • Project Chartering
    • Release Planning
    • Sprint Planning
    • Sprint Review
  • In Sprint Activities relevant to the Product Owner
    • Product Backlog Grooming
    • Release Management
  • Relevant Agile Skills Training
    • User Roles
    • User Stories
    • Story Splitting Strategies

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